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Carton Turner IN 3.0

Carton Turner IN 3.0


The Carton Turner IN-3 can rotate all types of cartons 90 degrees to the left or right depending on the desired packing specifications. It also allow straight through passage of 4/6 corner boxes, without the need to remove the unit. The IN-3 remains stationary, and does not require the packer to be moved when the carton-turner direction changes configuration. The IN-3 Carton Turner can be used inline with all IMPACK™ packing systems and other carton packers.



  • The IN-3 Catron Turner remain in a fixed position, regardless of the turning configuration;
  • Quick set-up;
  • Can be installed on all manufacturer makes and models of folder gluer models, new or existing;
  • Can be used with Ergosa universal packers and Virtuo auto packers;
  • Rotates all box types (small to very large);
  • 3 possible configurations: left, right or straight through;
  • Box sizes:
    Width: Min 4" (100mm)
                Max 22" (560mm)
    Length: Min 5" (125mm)
                 Max 24" (610mm)

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