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   Universal packer Ergosa™ A

Universal packer Ergosa A


The universal packers of the Ergosa™ family bring the best of both worlds. With the Ergosa™ packers you get the flexibility of a semi-automatic packer and the performances of an automatic packer.  They also allow access to the individual boxes for quality control and checks required in today's market.

The entry level "A" model contains all of the basic elements needed to take advantage of an ergonomic and more productive packing station.

A few options available with the Ergosa™ 8A :

  • Special attachment for packing into trays;
  • MIC™ control of the gluer from the packing station.



  • Ergonomic design, the boxes a slid into the case without any lifting;
  • Ideal solution for classic straight line boxes, 4/6 corners of small and medium sizes;
  • Standards case sizes:
    Width: min 6" - Max 24"
    Length: min 8" - Max 28"
    Height: min 5" - Max 16"
    *Other case sizes are also possible on demand
  • Packing in multiple layers and rows;
  • Can be installed on all folder gluer models from any manufacturer, new and existing;
  • On wheels and easy to move quickly from one gluer to another;
  • Simple and fast case height adjustment;
  • Case discharge conveyor CM;
  • Speed synchronized to the gluer production speed;
  • Adjustable service shelves with integrated lighting;
  • Low friction transport belt;
  • Adjustable box guides;
  • Manual hydraulic packer height adjustment;


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