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IST provides manufacturers and industrial companies with a wide range of efficient dust collection solutions designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. Pairing these systems with production equipment or processes will enhance their performance, as well as ensure and provide a safe work environment for workers.

Our dust collectors are modular systems which are easy to maintain and have the latest monitoring, control, and automation technologies. You can choose from a range of nanofibre filters, filter bags, and cartridges that can capture fine particles down to 10 microns and over.



Dust Collectors

Downdraft Tables

Air Wall Aspiration Systems

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PPCTS is a leading distributor of IST Industrial equipment, providing Sales and Service Support.

IST is a leading manufacturer of industrial equipment and machines, designing innovative solutions for customers operating in a broad range of industries including aerospace, military, automotive and transportation, construction, metal transformation and manufacturing, energy and general manufacturing.

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