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Century Box, Methuen MA, installs an ergosa™ semi-automatic folder gluer packing station from ppcts impack

Pewaukee, WI. USA, April 25, 2008

PPCTS installs an ERGOSA semi-automatic folder gluer packing station at Century Box, Methuen MA for the packing of folding carton blanks into corrugated cases, directly in line with their folder gluer.

The ERGOSA Packing Station provides an ergonomic work station for folding carton folder gluer packing personnel, that increases the corrugated case packing productivity by simplifying the filling of the cases and eliminating lifting actions.  The ERGOSA allows for the reduction in the number of packing operators, increased folder gluer speeds and/or more time for the packing operator to conduct quality control inspections. The ERGOSA system has an automatic corrugated case ejection device that can direct the cases to an automatic taper and/or corrugated case conveying system.

The ERGOSA is installed directly in line with the folder gluer delivery/compression section, for most folding carton packing applications, thanks to various carton blanks rotating systems and tools. It can handle various sizes of traditional straight line boxes in single and multiple layers and/or rows, 4 and 6 corners, double wall, crash lock bottoms and 5 panels and other types of folding carton boxes. The ERGOSA can be installed in line with new or existing folder gluer lines from any manufacturer.

PPCTS is IMPACK’s worldwide sales representative. IMPACK specializes in the analysis of work methods and the design and manufacturing of equipment for manufacturers of folding carton packaging. They offer innovative solutions in the area of ergonomics, productivity and workplace health and safety, with a range of products tailored and adapted to today’s folding carton folder gluer manufacturing needs.

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