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IMPACK Virtuo autopacker  folder gluer

JULY 20, 2020 – Superior Lithographic, Vernon CA, invest in another PPCTS DGM Smartfold 1100SL folder gluer and IMPACK packer solution.

Superior Lithographic chose a PPCTS DGM SMARTFOLD 1100SL ULTRA XL Folder Gluer with DGM Prefeed and an IMPACK VIRTUO auto-packer. The recently commissioned line will focus on fast job changeover high speed folding and gluing production with minimal labor thus allowing their current SMARTFOLD 1100SL ULTRA with IMPACK Perpack packer installed in early 2017 to concentrate on more complex cartons.

The PPCTS SMARTFOLD 1100SL ULTRA XL introduced in early 2019 is an extended version of the ULTRA X model. The ULTRA XL is equipped with motorized carriers for full and sectional job/memory recall that includes machine operational settings and parameters for fast and repeatable changeovers with minimal start-up waste. The ULTRA XL is powered with a low consumption multiple servo drive system for precise carton compression section shingle control through inching, production, acceleration and deceleration speed changes, as well as an innovative high-speed servo back folding systems which allows minimal carton separation. The electrical/electronics design is based on non-proprietary technology for easy machine servicing and with remote diagnostics capabilities.

The IMPACK VIRTUO AUTOPACKER is a single row, single level automatic packer. The VIRTUO folder gluer packer can pack straight line, 4 & 6 corners, as well as pre-alternated lock bottom cartons when combined with an MFA Inverter. The straight through packing approach of the VIRTUO, with a fix feeding, counting and separation section, combined with a vertical corrugated case descent, allows for high performance packing. The VIRTUO can handle, recovered open top lock bottom corrugated cases, corrugated cases with or without top flaps and the bottom flaps do not require taping prior to packing. The case feeding of empty corrugated cases into the VIRTUO is done automatically from the top and the filled cases are ejected automatically from the back of the packer, in straight line with the gluer, to a taping device or conveying system.

The SMARTFOLD folder gluers and IMPACK packers are affordable, cost effective, state of the art solutions for the folding and gluing needs of today's converter and market demands.

For more information, contact PPCTS: +262 695-7536 or visit https://www.ppcts.com

For more information contact PPCTS at 262-695-7536 or fill out our form on our About US page

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