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September 7, 2020 – Elite Print Finishing (EPF, Inc.), Burlington NC, has recently installed the innovative PPCTS DGM Smartfold 1100SL ULTRA X2S Folder Gluer to expand their folding and gluing capabilities. The ULTRA X2S from PPC Technologies and Solutions LLC (PPCTS) is specifically designed for the demanding and evolving North American market and well suited for the specific folding carton requirements of EPF. "In today’s production and market environment, it’s all about efficiencies and capabilities", remarked Steven Roberts, President of EPF, "we were looking for the best available technologies, packaged in a cost effective solution and that’s why we chose the Smartfold 1100SL ULTRA X2S following extensive testing at the PPCTS demo center in Waukesha WI".

The ULTRA X2S is an extended version folder gluer with two crash lock bottom sections and three back folding axes to deliver ultimate capabilities. It is equipped with motorized carriers for full and sectional job/memory recall, that includes recovery of machine operational settings for fast and repeatable changeovers with minimal start-up waste. The ULTRA X2S is powered with a low consumption multiple servo drive system for precise carton compression section shingle control through inching, production, acceleration and deceleration speed changes, as well as an innovative high-speed precision servo back folding systems which allows minimal carton separation. The electrical/electronics design is based on non-proprietary technology for easy machine servicing and with remote diagnostics capabilities.

Additional features include a wireless operator remote control for machine operations and carrier positioning, dual pivoting human machine interface (HMI) operator touch screens, pre-folding of 6 corner cartons and other specialty work, a long "universal multi-function section" with crash/auto lock bottom and integrated "bump & turn" capabilities, left and right upper driven folding belts, as well as an additional servo driven back-folding axis. The open access extra-long final folding section with pneumatically retracting upper and lower center carriers allows easy transition from small to large size cartons and includes a standard left side glue pot. The servo driven trombone section includes a left and right

independently adjustable crushing system for additional crushing after the final folding, as well as an ejection system interfaced with glue and quality control tracking, which leads to an extra length dual servo driven two zone pneumatically loaded compression section for precision carton shingle control.

The SMARTFOLD series of folder gluers are affordable, cost effective, state of the art solutions for the folding and gluing needs of today's converter and market demands.

For more information, contact PPCTS: +262 695-7536 or visit https://www.ppcts.com

For more information contact PPCTS at 262-695-7536 or fill out our form on our About US page

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